Zelda Hyrule warriors cosplay: the skirt!

Hi there! Tonight, I finally started the delicate processus of dyeing Zelda’s skirt. It’s a new technique for me: I knew how to dye fabrics but not how to create multicolor degrade dye. Zelda’s skirt goes from light powder rose to a more intense fuchsia color in the bottom. Choosing the materials was easy but Read More

Drawings of the week

Here are my new doodles from this week! I had lots of fun messing with the pen tablet and Manga Studio. Those sketches are very rough, I made them in less than 10 minutes, just for fun.   This one was  done very quickly, I wanted to do a faun! The horns are messed up Read More

My new drawings!

Nearly one year after my last post! The last months have been very busy for me: endless copybooks and papers to grade, no inspiration for cosplay. Real life had taken its tool on me. It all change two weeks ago! I got a new pentablet and began drawing again. It’s a medium wacom one: very Read More

Clalaclan wig: Tangles Hell.

I received the wig I’ll use for my next cosplay project, Clalaclan from the video game Shining Wind. I choose a reliable seller from ebay: Cosplaydna. I had already bought wigs from this shop and never had problems with them. This one proved me wrong T__T.  It’s a 80 cm long blonde wig , with Read More

Clalaclan: skirts from hell

Those first weeks of holidays have been productive, for once! I worked hard to get Clalaclan’s  skirts done. This outfit is graceful but is composed of an accumulation of skirts layers: – a hidden boned petticoat :I have to order larger corset bones from England T__T – a white skirt full of frills: it was Read More

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