Clalaclan wig: Tangles Hell.

I received the wig I’ll use for my next cosplay project, Clalaclan from the video game Shining Wind.

I choose a reliable seller from ebay: Cosplaydna.

I had already bought wigs from this shop and never had problems with them.

This one proved me wrong T__T.  It’s a 80 cm long blonde wig , with some waves at mid lenghth. The color is exactly the one previewed on the site and fits well Clalaclan’s light blonde haircolor. The wig was shipped quickly, I received it within 2 weeks.

The curls were cute and nice, I just had to loosen them to add more volume.

The problems however, started very quickly. This wig tangles a lot. It’s normal for a long wig, but this one tangles like hell within seconds.

I didn’t have this problem with the red 1 meter long wigs from the same seller so I was really surprised.

I had to make a homemade wig detangler (a mix of hand lotion and water) to get rid of the tangles and make the wig less prone to tangle but it’s still not tangle free.  Add the fact that the headsize is smaller then usual models and this cute wig became quicly a nightmare.

Styling this wig became difficult between endless tangles and the wig lace showing. I hope the ponytail won’t move too much >___<

I’ll have to  remember to use dozens of hairpins to stick this wig to my head unless I wanna see it flying away!