My new drawings!

Nearly one year after my last post! The last months have been very busy for me: endless copybooks and papers to grade, no inspiration for cosplay. Real life had taken its tool on me.

It all change two weeks ago! I got a new pentablet and began drawing again. It’s a medium wacom one: very easy to install and to use, lightweight and not very expensive compared to other models. I also got Manga studio 5: I needed some hours to rediscover this program I hadn’t use for three years but the reflexes came back quickly.

The sudden come back of my old hobby is linked to a drawing tornament organised by my favorite fugurine brand: Tsume. To celebrate their 70 000 fans on facebook, they made several tornament with prizes. I took part on the 3rd category where you had to draw your “ideal figurine”.

I decided to focus on one of my favorite video game scenes: the soul sending by Yuna, from Final Fantasy X. I really like the mystic and tragic feeling  of this scene. I even imagined a hidden  electric system to lighten all the orbs of the figurine and a water system to recreate the twirl. ^^

First, I made two doodles to become familiar with MS and the pen tablet. Those took less than 10 minutes. They are rough, really basic but I had lots of fun doing them!

Then, I spent some hours on my first “big” drawing in years.

First, I made Yuna. I used a rough black/white pen to make the skirt. Then I made the water twirl. First I made a black big block which I slowly “sculpted” with white pens. I used some effects provided by Manga studio to draw the coffins immerged on the water. The easiest part was probably the orbs, made with the pen called “flames”.

Drawing with MS and the pen tablet is intuitive and really easy: I realise now it’s a lot easier for me to draw with digital methods than traditionnal ones.

Even if my drawing wasn’t selected for the tornament, I don’t regret a thing. I had lots of fun doing it and I like the final result. It was very peaceful and relaxing to fall back into my old passion. I even began doodling daily again!