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Japan expo report: Toko Kawai

One month after the convention, here comes the Japan expo report! 1. Trains are hell. Friday, 22H13 It’s been now four years I attend to Japan expo, and it’s been four years of trains problems! When it’s not sudden train strikes, it’s late trains! I knew I’d have schedules problems when my first two trains Read More

Signing session: Yuki Nobuteru at Japan expo!

Photography of the signing session by Nobuteru YÛKI, chara designer of Escaflowne, on Dybex Booth at Japan expo! Guess who’s that? ^o^ Here is one of my new treasures! Read More

Japan Expo 2010: Meeting Hiro Mashima

I was unbelievably lucky because I won a ticket to meet Hiro Mashima, the author of Fairytail!!!! I had to change the train tickets to attend the sign up session but here is the result! I MET FAIRYTAIL AUTHOR!!! The staff was stressed but Hiro Mashima was wonderful: gentle, patient and cute! We talked a Read More

Mangaraiders anthology 2: Inking

I am the inking responsable for the second MangaRaiders Anthology! Here is the first page of  the Adamas Chronicles, a pure Mangaraiders Manga! I inked it last week end! Read More

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