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Drawings of the week

Here are my new doodles from this week! I had lots of fun messing with the pen tablet and Manga Studio. Those sketches are very rough, I made them in less than 10 minutes, just for fun.   This one was  done very quickly, I wanted to do a faun! The horns are messed up Read More

My new drawings!

Nearly one year after my last post! The last months have been very busy for me: endless copybooks and papers to grade, no inspiration for cosplay. Real life had taken its tool on me. It all change two weeks ago! I got a new pentablet and began drawing again. It’s a medium wacom one: very Read More

Join me in Pinterest!

I created a Pinterest account some days ago! I discovered this site thanks to Hasitha, my dear friend from . Pinterest is an endless source of tutorials, sewing patterns and creative ideas. I like this sharing atmosphere which leads you to discover incredible pictures and useful knowledge. Whether it concerns make up ideas, cosplay Read More

Hello 2015!

2015 has come with its endless litanies of half aborted resolutions which will soon end in bins. Hoping to break this tradition, let’s try to find some semi reliable ideas. 1. The anger I will resist. NO COMMENT, ok? 2.Sport I will do again. Major back and knees problems kept me away from sports for Read More

A year has gone…

2014 has nearly reached its end. You can already see 2015’s coming with its endless aborted resolutions. Just some hours before a new year begins, some hours to look back at the roads I took. 2014 has been a year full of changes for me. A new flat, a new school, new colleagues, a new Read More

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