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Japan expo report part one: the trolley from hell.

I am back. Once again. Free for some more weeks of forms, corrections and school headaches. Time to find back all my cosplay tools and to immerge myself in the wonderful world of cosplay headaches. And what better way to start holidays than going to the biggest manga/anime convention in Europe? Japan expo, in Paris. Read More

My sewing helpers

I know I said I make my cosplay by myself but I must admit I have two little helpers at home! One is less than 3 kilos but has a diva personnality: It’s Gaia, my white persian cat. She likes and hates things with  passion and she thinks  the world has to know it! She Read More

Japan expo report: Yuki Nobuteru

I had the luck to meet Yuki Nobuteru for a signing session at Japan Expo! Yuki Nobuteru is famous for being Escaflowner chara designer! Here is a short selection os his work as chara designer of anime team studio member 2010 – Solatorobo Red the Hunter 2007 – Toward the Terra 2005 – Paradise Kiss Read More

Japan expo: yaoi goodies

Here is all the yaoi stuff I bought/was given at Japan expo 2011! Let’s not forget the two items signed by Toko Kawai and Hikano Takanaga! Read More

Japan expo: Hinako Takanaga

I had the luck to meet my favorite yaoi author, Hinako Takanaga, author of the yaoi Silent Love! There was a signing session organised by Azula/Kaze editions at Japan expo! I almost yelled of joy when I got a ticket to take part on it! This time, I didn’t lose my ticket and the signing Read More

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