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Saber Lily armor version two: the boots

Here is an update on my Saber Lily cosplay armor! Ended: hip armor: 4/6, fingers armor, 1 arm armor.  In painting: breast armor,  1 arm armor Worbla step: 2 hip armor, sword, 2 little arm pieces Patterns: boots I also remade the sword with foam since the wood version had problems. The wood somewhat took Read More

Saber Lily cosplay armor : worbla version.

Back some weeks ago from Japan expo, I decided to use the worbla sheets I I bought in May to discover the possibilities of that new material. I had already made a first version of the armor using foam. Foam is easy to cut and deform but my main problem was the solidity and the Read More

Pride of soul cosplay: applique

I finally found the motivation to test some ideas to make my next cosplay applique. This dress has so many colours and layers I wanted to use some new techniques like applique. I began my first test: I cut the white part of the pattern using scisors. The fabric was first hardened with a fabric Read More

My sewing helpers

I know I said I make my cosplay by myself but I must admit I have two little helpers at home! One is less than 3 kilos but has a diva personnality: It’s Gaia, my white persian cat. She likes and hates things with  passion and she thinks  the world has to know it! She Read More

Look who’s back!

I know I know, It’s been ages I posted something. I am the incarnation of Procrastination (French word but I don’t know it if exists in English): although I have projects, ideas, I too rarely work on them. I must admit I took some weeks off cosplay in December. My convention trip was canceled at Read More

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