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My new drawings!

Nearly one year after my last post! The last months have been very busy for me: endless copybooks and papers to grade, no inspiration for cosplay. Real life had taken its tool on me. It all change two weeks ago! I got a new pentablet and began drawing again. It’s a medium wacom one: very Read More

Clalaclan’s corset!

Waiting to receive the  materials I ordered to end Clalaclan’s petticoat, I began to sew her corset. I used this sewing pattern: Mc Calls 6343. I will add a lining which will have more corset bones to have a stronger support. The main problem is the absence of image reference for Clalaclan’s top: it’s always hidden Read More


Now I have time to fully focus on my own project, for a change , I have nearly ended Gap’s first chapter! I just need to make a page title, one or two more pages to end the first chapter and it will be done! Read More

MRA 3: Lettered pages

Awfully late once again but I’ll end up this first chapter soon! A comical story for a change! ! Read More

MGRA 3: four pages done!

Four pages ended! I’ll add the text in the last moment! Read More

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