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Drawings of the week

Here are my new doodles from this week! I had lots of fun messing with the pen tablet and Manga Studio. Those sketches are very rough, I made them in less than 10 minutes, just for fun.   This one was  done very quickly, I wanted to do a faun! The horns are messed up Read More

My new drawings!

Nearly one year after my last post! The last months have been very busy for me: endless copybooks and papers to grade, no inspiration for cosplay. Real life had taken its tool on me. It all change two weeks ago! I got a new pentablet and began drawing again. It’s a medium wacom one: very Read More

New cosplay project: Fate/Unlimited Codes Saber

Yes, I know. I just came back from Japan expo , barely ended my Esther Blanchett cosplay after months of efforts and I’m already starting a new cosplay. I wanted to change drastically of cosplay: no more beads, no more roses to sew! My goal is to discover how to make cosplay armors in order Read More

New cosplay project: Trinity Blood

Here is my new cosplay project, which will occupy me for the next year and maybe next two years! I hesitated for months between four our five outfits: Asran Astaroshe Seth Nightroad Esther Blanchett I finally choose the last version of Esther Blanchett, a majestic dress with roses! I decided to go with taffetas from Read More

Sketch of the day

A little elf made in 15 min! Read More

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