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Mangaraiders Anthology vol 3

Weeks late, I finally began to work on my project for the MGRA (too lazy to write the whole name lol) volume 3! Since my first project Keymaster is still and ever in stand-by, I will make a new story. Maybe a one-shot, maybe a multi chapters project, depending of my inspiration! Since I’m fascinated Read More

Anthology Projetc: Drawing

Here is my new project for the Mangaraider Anthology 2! My project is called Drawing. Should I have called it Passion? The message would be simple: what is it to follow your true nature? Here are the pages! ! Read More

Mangaraiders anthology 2: Inking

I am the inking responsable for the second MangaRaiders Anthology! Here is the first page of  the Adamas Chronicles, a pure Mangaraiders Manga! I inked it last week end! Read More

Drawing project: storyboard

I have made the storyboard for the next three pages! Hopefully I’ll draw them tomorow! Read More

Mangaraiders anthology 2

I finally began my project for the next mangaraiders anthology! The title is not definitive. Summary: No matter how much you give to your passion, it means nothing when nobody shares it with you. What to do? Give in to the society urges and leave what makes you original, or follow your path all by Read More

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