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Zelda Hyrule warriors cosplay: the skirt!

Hi there! Tonight, I finally started the delicate processus of dyeing Zelda’s skirt. It’s a new technique for me: I knew how to dye fabrics but not how to create multicolor degrade dye. Zelda’s skirt goes from light powder rose to a more intense fuchsia color in the bottom. Choosing the materials was easy but Read More

Sia cosplay: the corset sewing patterns.

Since holidays began I took time to explore the mysteries of my sewing cavern, aka my sewing patterns box. Armed with this image reference (source:  Zelda Wikia), I went through all the stuff I have accumulated along the years. I have several corsets sewing patterns which may fit Sia’s top: M6343 + The top can Read More

Saber Lily armor: the boots and the sword

I have made some progress in my armor making! One boot is 90% done: I just have to glue a decoration in the front and to fix together the knee and leg part, then it’s primer and guilding wax! The other boot parts aree put together. I need to add the front decorations (I made Read More

Music of the day: Final Fantasy X Remaster

After months if ot years of waiting, I finally have it thanks to my beloved brother who had begged his video game sellor to pre buy the limited edition for me! The video game who led me to Final fantasy universe. The video game who led me back to video games, short! Final fantasy x Read More