Month: January 2010

Worst week ever!

I seriously consider going to see a shaman to take off my bad luck! In one week I succeeded to have: closes the car with the keys inside, have to run to go to school. Of course, handbag, school bags and flat keys are inside closed car!!! two of my faucets suddently got blocked pc Read More

Cosplay props: peacock fan

I probably should post more often as any blogger do but everytime an idea pops up, I wonder if it’s worth sharing Back to cosplay stuff! I’m actually searching a peacock fan! It has to be red and black to fit my cosplay: should I take the red one? the black one? Take the Read More


I’m currently working on the “smoke” drawings present on the Yuko kimono. I still hesitate between painting directly on the kimono , or painting on a new farbric I’ll glue or sew on the kimono. Questions questions questions…. Read More


Here are some photos taken yesterday! Snow was falling! Read More

Mangaraiders anthology 2: Inking

I am the inking responsable for the second MangaRaiders Anthology! Here is the first page of  the Adamas Chronicles, a pure Mangaraiders Manga! I inked it last week end! Read More