Month: February 2010

Anthology Projetc: Drawing

Here is my new project for the Mangaraider Anthology 2! My project is called Drawing. Should I have called it Passion? The message would be simple: what is it to follow your true nature? Here are the pages! ! Read More


Argh one more year they say! It was cute and funny to have all school children yelling euu singing me the happy birthday song…in front of the school parents lollll 25 years already brrrr I didn’t get any Duo Maxwell but hell the cakes and food was great! Read More


I think I need holidays to forget… 1) My water evacuation on my flat is broken and still has to be repaired after 4 weeks (thanks a  lot to my flat owner) 2) school parents who find everyday a new way to give us hell 3) my mega cold which gives me coughing, fever and Read More

Yuko Cosplay: fabric paint

I am currently working on the smoke patterns of Yuko’s kimono! I discovered the joys of fabric paint. After trying to copy exactly the original patterns and totally failing T__T , I decided to add a personnal touch. As a result, The patterns aren’t exactly like in the picture. I choose to innovate a little. Read More