Month: March 2010

Dummy of the day

I decided to add a regular funny section: Dummy of the day! It will celebrate the most stupid/dummy/needs-to-be-quicked in the ass action or quote of the day. First award for Eric Zemmour; a french journalist who said recently on tv “Black and African people are more controled by police because most of them are dealers Read More

Music of the day

Music of the day: Kalafina, Oblivious Mood of the day: I will not explode. I will not explode. I will not explode lol Read More

Cosplay: Fabric painting

I have finally received my new fabric painting! I love the Pebeo brand: easy to use, it dries quickly! The sepiacolor pebeo is ideal even for dark fabric! Here are the fabric painting I made for my Yuko cosplay! Read More

Yuko cosplay: necklace

Here is the ended necklace for my Yuko cosplay! I used red jasper beads bought on ebay to make this necklace! I added little black pearl between each red bead to preserve the beards equilibrium. without flash with flash Read More