Month: July 2010

Music of the day

Yoko Kanno and her magical music…. Strangers Let’s not forget the mythical Blue and the whole OST from Cowboy Bebop, so jazzy! Read More

MGRA 3: four pages done!

Four pages ended! I’ll add the text in the last moment! Read More


Preview of the page 3! Read More

Music of the day

Inca rose, from Yuki Kajiura. I love Yuriko Kaida’s mysterious voice and the guitar sweet rythm! inca rose Read More

MGRA 3 previews

Here are some previews of my project which will be named “Gap” (for now lol) I nearly ended the page 1! Page 2  is totally ended (I’ll add the text in the last days) and the page 3 is storyboarded! Read More

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