Month: May 2011

Cosplay: Aria Link, Letter Bee

I didn’t really have serious planned ideas for this cosplay, but yesterday, my mother and me visited the local Sewer Saint Graal: the biggest fabric shop of the region! After one hour of driving (and being lost :push:) we had finally found the shop and it was out of question to come back home without Read More

Cat Woman.

Here are my beloved cats! Léna: she is eleven years old, a european cats who mysteriously appears when ones begins cooking. Here is Zorro: we adopted this black european cat after the death of Grisee, our beloved old cat T__T This little (big) guy is noisy, playful, jealous, curious and likes to talk. He likes Read More

Lady Marmelade

5 kilos of strawberries, 3 kilos of sugar and this is what we have! Sugar overdose? Yes of course! Here is the quick recipe: 1. Use only mature strawberries, this way you won’t need as much sugar. Wash them and cut them. 2. Use 350g of sugar for 1 kilo of strawberries. 3. Put the Read More

Madam Red: roses!

I finally received the fabric roses I had bought on web! I was a bit deceived by their dull aspect, I expected a more satin feeling T___T However, this dull base was perfect for a paint session! I used glitter glue to underline each rose feather, giving them a more elegant look. It was funny Read More

Diamonds and Pearls.

I have sewed endless pearls and sequins on Madam Red dress! Took hours to sew them by hand T____________T but I loved the cuteness effect! 1. the “flowers” on the top: bought on ebay. 2. Red little sequins: on the black lace from the top! (send from Sri Lanka seiwng markets by Hasitha ^o^) 3. Read More

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