Month: June 2011

Cosplay Black Butler Japan expo 2011

I am in full preparation of my trip to Japan expo 2011 to Paris! I won’t remake the same mistake I made last year, when I didn’t have a full program of all interesting stuff. That’s the inconvenient with such a big convention: there are so many events you have to know what happens when Read More

Edward Elric cosplay: shoes tutorial

Here is a quick and easy tutorial to make Edward Elric’s shoes! This will help you for a emergency cosplay, when you are out of money or out of time! What you will need. A pair of basic shoes (converse shoes work perfectly) a red marker a black sharpie black fabric paint (I used sebeo) Read More

Music of the day!

Music of the day! MAAYA SAKAMOTO (坂本真綾) – ベクトル (Vector) Read More

Otaku House Cosplay Tournament

Discovered a cosplay tournament on Facebook! It is organized by Otaku House. The concept is simple: you send a picture of your cosplay and people vote for you by clicking on the “I like it” button. The best cosplays get gifts etc To vote for your favorite cosplay, you first have to like Otaku house Read More

Sewing buttons

Hasitha has send me lovely buttons sets from his local sewing market! Read More

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