Month: July 2011

Madame Red cosplay photoshoot

Objectif Costumes published some previews from the Editions Kana Black Butler Cosplay event, taken during last Japan Expo! I really like Objectif Costumes photoshoots: they are always patient, gentle and the result is professionnal and always surprising! Read More

Signing session: Yuki Nobuteru at Japan expo!

Photography of the signing session by Nobuteru YÛKI, chara designer of Escaflowne, on Dybex Booth at Japan expo! Guess who’s that? ^o^ Here is one of my new treasures! Read More

Black Butler cosplay event at Japan expo

Japan expo 12 closed its doors! I have left Paris and I’m back home! I attended the Black Butler cosplay event at Japan expo and My Madam Red cosplay won the 3rd place!!! ^o^ You can see my Madam Red cosplay at 3min05. Here is a photo extracted from the video! 50 cosplayers took part Read More