Month: August 2011

Japan expo report: Yuki Nobuteru

I had the luck to meet Yuki Nobuteru for a signing session at Japan Expo! Yuki Nobuteru is famous for being Escaflowner chara designer! Here is a short selection os his work as chara designer of anime team studio member 2010 – Solatorobo Red the Hunter 2007 – Toward the Terra 2005 – Paradise Kiss Read More

Japan expo: yaoi goodies

Here is all the yaoi stuff I bought/was given at Japan expo 2011! Let’s not forget the two items signed by Toko Kawai and Hikano Takanaga! Read More

Japan expo: Hinako Takanaga

I had the luck to meet my favorite yaoi author, Hinako Takanaga, author of the yaoi Silent Love! There was a signing session organised by Azula/Kaze editions at Japan expo! I almost yelled of joy when I got a ticket to take part on it! This time, I didn’t lose my ticket and the signing Read More

Japan expo report: Toko Kawai

One month after the convention, here comes the Japan expo report! 1. Trains are hell. Friday, 22H13 It’s been now four years I attend to Japan expo, and it’s been four years of trains problems! When it’s not sudden train strikes, it’s late trains! I knew I’d have schedules problems when my first two trains Read More

New cosplay project: Trinity Blood

Here is my new cosplay project, which will occupy me for the next year and maybe next two years! I hesitated for months between four our five outfits: Asran Astaroshe Seth Nightroad Esther Blanchett I finally choose the last version of Esther Blanchett, a majestic dress with roses! I decided to go with taffetas from Read More

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