Month: July 2012

New cosplay project: Fate/Unlimited Codes Saber

Yes, I know. I just came back from Japan expo , barely ended my Esther Blanchett cosplay after months of efforts and I’m already starting a new cosplay. I wanted to change drastically of cosplay: no more beads, no more roses to sew! My goal is to discover how to make cosplay armors in order Read More

Esther Blanchett photoshoots

Here are some pics of my cosplay at Japan expo 2012! You will find more at my deviantart account and my gallery! prof-okashi Ashurachan Read More

Esther Blanchett at Japan expo!

After months of headaches and efforts, I finnally ended my Esther Blanchett cosplay! I’m very happy with the result although there are endless little details that would need to be corrected. This cosplay was an endless list of problems! -I had to remake twice the skirt because the sewing pattern I used went sour -the Read More