Month: April 2013

Cosplay Saber Lily: sewing almost ended!

I ended the front embroideries and sewed them on the white taffetas pleaded front skirt. I also added a lining to hide the embroideries back. I also sewed the white bands which come in both sides of the pleaded skirt! I also ended sewing the black skirt parts! I just need to add the silver Read More

Saber Lily cosplay: Black skirt parts done!

I ended the front black skirt parts for my Saber Lily cosplay. I used silver metal beads from my last year stock (Esther Blanchett cosplay). The pendants and the triangle decorations were bought at Insolite Creation. I heated the triangle decorations to fold hem more easily around the fabric. I sewed it to the fabric Read More

Saber Lily cosplay: embroideries ended!

I finally ended the embroideries for my Saber Lily cosplay! Now I have began the black skirts parts! I will add those cute decorations I bought from Insolite Creation once I have ended the sewing. Read More