Month: October 2013

Cosplay Saber Lily: sewing ended!

    After months of efforts, laziness and headaches, I have finnally ended the clothes for my Saber Lily Cosplay. In the last two weeks, I have ended the skirts: they are sewn together in a black belt. The hardest part was to create the white veil: I didn’t succeed in making light waves in Read More

New cosplay: Pride of soul (Accessories)

I began to work on the several dress accessories of my next big copslay. 1. The hair accessories I used craft foam and golden powder (usually used on Fimo clay) to create the big butterfly shaped hair decoration. Each part was glued with “coment glue”, also called “neoprene glue”. This glue is special: you have Read More

New cosplay: Pride of soul

I began a new cosplay for the end of 2013! I hope to have it ended for the Toulouse Game show, a manga/video games French convention. I was ending my Saber Lily cosplay when I saw this on deviantart. The artist made the character design of the Chinese online vido gale “Legendary Heroes Online”. Game Read More