Month: March 2014

Music of the day: Final Fantasy X Remaster

After months if ot years of waiting, I finally have it thanks to my beloved brother who had begged his video game sellor to pre buy the limited edition for me! The video game who led me to Final fantasy universe. The video game who led me back to video games, short! Final fantasy x Read More

Pride of soul cosplay: applique

I finally found the motivation to test some ideas to make my next cosplay applique. This dress has so many colours and layers I wanted to use some new techniques like applique. I began my first test: I cut the white part of the pattern using scisors. The fabric was first hardened with a fabric Read More

My sewing helpers

I know I said I make my cosplay by myself but I must admit I have two little helpers at home! One is less than 3 kilos but has a diva personnality: It’s Gaia, my white persian cat. She likes and hates things with  passion and she thinks  the world has to know it! She Read More

Look who’s back!

I know I know, It’s been ages I posted something. I am the incarnation of Procrastination (French word but I don’t know it if exists in English): although I have projects, ideas, I too rarely work on them. I must admit I took some weeks off cosplay in December. My convention trip was canceled at Read More