Month: August 2014

Saber Lily cosplay armor: the boots

I have received my new supply of worbla! This time I bought it from a German site: I received it within one week in France! It allowed me to work on the next element of my cosplay armor, the booths! I created  a patter by wrapping my leg in a plastic film, drew the cut Read More

Saber Lily armor version two: the boots

Here is an update on my Saber Lily cosplay armor! Ended: hip armor: 4/6, fingers armor, 1 arm armor.  In painting: breast armor,  1 arm armor Worbla step: 2 hip armor, sword, 2 little arm pieces Patterns: boots I also remade the sword with foam since the wood version had problems. The wood somewhat took Read More

Japan expo report part two: Kalafina

One month already Japan expo closed its door but I still get dreamy when I remember some moments of this convention. I didn’t plan to go there but the sudden late announcement of a special guest made me change my decision. The instant Kalafina was confirmed to come to Paris, I had the hotel and Read More

Saber Lily cosplay armor : worbla version.

Back some weeks ago from Japan expo, I decided to use the worbla sheets I I bought in May to discover the possibilities of that new material. I had already made a first version of the armor using foam. Foam is easy to cut and deform but my main problem was the solidity and the Read More

Japan expo report part one: the trolley from hell.

I am back. Once again. Free for some more weeks of forms, corrections and school headaches. Time to find back all my cosplay tools and to immerge myself in the wonderful world of cosplay headaches. And what better way to start holidays than going to the biggest manga/anime convention in Europe? Japan expo, in Paris. Read More