Month: May 2015

Clalaclan’s corset!

Waiting to receive the ¬†materials I ordered to end Clalaclan’s petticoat, I began to sew her corset. I used this sewing pattern: Mc Calls 6343.¬†I will add a lining which will have more corset bones to have a stronger support. The main problem is the absence of image reference for Clalaclan’s top: it’s always hidden Read More

Clalaclan’s petticoat ended!

All the sewing for Clalaclan’s petticoat is done! I made a quick test with two steel bones from my old petticoat to have an idea of the final result. The steel bones aren’t large (8mm instead of 13mm) nor numerous enough (I used 2 instead of 7 steel bones)but the preview is interesting! Please excuse Read More