Drawing project: storyboard

I have made the storyboard for the next three pages! Hopefully I’ll draw them tomorow! Read More

Music of the day

Ghost in the shell ost: Cyber Bird! Read More

Mangaraiders anthology 2

I finally began my project for the next mangaraiders anthology! The title is not definitive. Summary: No matter how much you give to your passion, it means nothing when nobody shares it with you. What to do? Give in to the society urges and leave what makes you original, or follow your path all by Read More

Music of the day

MusicĀ  of the day: Torukia, from Ghost in a Shell. I like it’s mystery and chorus! Read More

Cory is back!

After months of downtime, my blogs are back! Hasith and me had to erase the site databases in order to destroy all the virus and html problems. I’m very happy to have my sites back! Making a first post is very difficult: how to tell things without sounding egocentric or dull? I hope to share Read More

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