Saber Lily armor: the boots and the sword

I have made some progress in my armor making! One boot is 90% done: I just have to glue a decoration in the front and to fix together the knee and leg part, then it’s primer and guilding wax! The other boot parts aree put together. I need to add the front decorations (I made Read More

Saber Lily armor: the painting

I have ended the painting of the bracers and plastron armor! Guilding was is awesome to use: clean, easy and quick painting! The plastron is also easy to put on: One underarm hides a simple fixation. Yes, there are some bumbs remaining on the armor. Despite all my efforts, worbla is not a magical material, Read More

Saber Lily cosplay armor: the boots

I have received my new supply of worbla! This time I bought it from a German site: I received it within one week in France! It allowed me to work on the next element of my cosplay armor, the booths! I created  a patter by wrapping my leg in a plastic film, drew the cut Read More

Saber Lily armor version two: the boots

Here is an update on my Saber Lily cosplay armor! Ended: hip armor: 4/6, fingers armor, 1 arm armor.  In painting: breast armor,  1 arm armor Worbla step: 2 hip armor, sword, 2 little arm pieces Patterns: boots I also remade the sword with foam since the wood version had problems. The wood somewhat took Read More

Japan expo report part two: Kalafina

One month already Japan expo closed its door but I still get dreamy when I remember some moments of this convention. I didn’t plan to go there but the sudden late announcement of a special guest made me change my decision. The instant Kalafina was confirmed to come to Paris, I had the hotel and Read More

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