Saber Lily cosplay armor : worbla version.

Back some weeks ago from Japan expo, I decided to use the worbla sheets I I bought in May to discover the possibilities of that new material. I had already made a first version of the armor using foam. Foam is easy to cut and deform but my main problem was the solidity and the Read More

Japan expo report part one: the trolley from hell.

I am back. Once again. Free for some more weeks of forms, corrections and school headaches. Time to find back all my cosplay tools and to immerge myself in the wonderful world of cosplay headaches. And what better way to start holidays than going to the biggest manga/anime convention in Europe? Japan expo, in Paris. Read More

Music of the day: Final Fantasy X Remaster

After months if ot years of waiting, I finally have it thanks to my beloved brother who had begged his video game sellor to pre buy the limited edition for me! The video game who led me to Final fantasy universe. The video game who led me back to video games, short! Final fantasy x Read More

Pride of soul cosplay: applique

I finally found the motivation to test some ideas to make my next cosplay applique. This dress has so many colours and layers I wanted to use some new techniques like applique. I began my first test: I cut the white part of the pattern using scisors. The fabric was first hardened with a fabric Read More

My sewing helpers

I know I said I make my cosplay by myself but I must admit I have two little helpers at home! One is less than 3 kilos but has a diva personnality: It’s Gaia, my white persian cat. She likes and hates things with  passion and she thinks  the world has to know it! She Read More

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